The Killer is in the Room!

Last month I was sound asleep, and I woke up to the words, “The Killer Is in The Room!” What? I was by myself, and I got up and looked around my room, my house, and the yard. There was no one there. I slipped back into bed knowing that while the voice was real, it’s the voice I hear when I get messages. But what kind of message was THAT?! Geez! It really woke me up.

OK, time to find out what that was about. So, I asked God, Spirit, Universe, and the answer was that it’s the name of a Blog I’m supposed to write. Then it was revealed why! The killer in the room is YOU! That’s right, you! The message for me was that I was to wake you up. Here it goes.

Your Dreams

Remember all those dreams that you once had. The dreams, aspirations, goals, New Years Resolution’s that you’ve had your life. What happened to the dream job, the love of your life, the lifestyle, and the body that you’ve dreamed about? Where did they go? When did you stop dreaming? Why did you stop dreaming?

The truth is that no one has stopped you. There is no one else who can keep you from what you desire, only you. You are the only person in this room. Only you are the person responsible for the death of your dreams. You are the killer in the room. Sound harsh? I think that it’s supposed to.

If this message is stirring something up within you, the great news is that it’s not too late.  It’s funny because I’ve been interviewed by a couple of women in the last two weeks that were both in their 30’s – 40’s. They both mentioned that I’m a good example that it’s never too late to go for your dreams. No worries, I took it as a compliment. 🙂

Allow Life to Happen

You never get too old to go for your dreams and accomplish great things with your life. Age has nothing to do with it. It’s not too late to learn how to live your life in joy and bliss. If you want a change or a transformation in your life, then you must change. You must transform. Now this type of a change doesn’t happen overnight. Most of us have been trained by first our parents, and then society that we must work hard and struggle. The exact opposite is true. You must learn how to allow life to happen and that’s exactly why I wrote my book, Allow Life to Happen and receive everything you desire!

The first few chapters of my book teach you how to prepare for the allowing of all the good stuff. First, you must be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Second, you must let go of the beliefs, paradigms and stories from the past that are no longer serving you. Third, it’s important to understand that you are a vibrational being living in a vibrational universe. Everything is energy! Fourth, you learn to create your dreams by using your imagination.

You Create Your Reality!

Next, you begin to understand that you really do create your own reality. Once you own that concept, it really gets fun.

In his book, Feeling is the Secret, Neville Goddard writes, “Therefore through his power to imagine and feel and his freedom to choose the idea he will entertain, man has control over creation. Control of the subconscious is accomplished through control of your ideas and feelings.”

It’s fun to start taking control of your creation. Isn’t it exciting to know that you can live in fearless faith and follow your dreams no matter where they go? When you understand how the Law of Attraction works and you combine that with the basic knowledge of quantum physics then you are unstoppable. You start to believe in yourself. And when you love and accept yourself unconditionally then you start living a life of magic and miracles.

Your Year 2023

I’m excited to share my book with you so that you can start to dream again and know that you can be, do, or have anything. 2023 is going to be your year, and it’s your time to launch your dreams into reality. Allow Life to Happen contains 30 exercises that were instrumental in my own spiritual journey. I know that some of them will resonate with you and help you in your journey too. I wrote this book to condense years of learning into an easy to read guide including not only the exercises, but I also reference 16 of the books that helped me along with my favorite quotes and affirmations.

“Allow Life to Happen and receive everything you desire!” is going to be released January 24th, 2023. During the first 24 hours of the launch, I will be offering it for the super special rate of $1.99.  This will be the Kindle version so you can get started right away. Shortly after this date I’ll be launching a beautiful journal that you can use to keep track of your growth and expansion.

I know that it’s going to be a busy time of the year with the holidays coming up so if you’ll sign up on the waitlist, I’ll send you a reminder????.

Wishing you and your family health, happiness, peace, and joy,

Beth McGill

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