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Power Your Dreams

A week ago today, I was super excited about speaking at the San Luis Obispo Business Professionals Networking Event! My topic for this event was ‘Power Your Dreams’. As I was practicing and getting ready, I noticed my throat was starting to itch, and it felt strange. I guessed that it was the beginning of hives, and it was from nerves…even though I wasn’t feeling nervous and I’ve never had hives. So, I did an energy session for myself and felt confident that the show would go on!

The event was well attended, and I met some great people. I sold and signed some books, and even got invited to be a guest on a Podcast! At the end of the night, as I got home and finally unpacked my things, I realized that I had a rash on my neck. It didn’t look like anything that I’d ever seen before. Too tired to give it too much thought I went to bed.


When I awoke the next morning, I knew that something was WRONG. My throat was tingly and the rash on my neck was oozing fluid and it was gross. I immediately went to Urgent Care and was seen by a Medical Assistant. He told me that I had a staph infection, and he was going to prescribe antibiotics. Once I had antibiotics in me, I paddled out for a fun surf session. The cold water provided relief and took my mind off the itch for an hour or so.

After 24 hours I was worse. The rash was spreading like wildfire, and I didn’t feel like the medication was working. I’m usually a patient person but not under these conditions. I called Urgent Care and explained my predicament and they told me I had to keep taking the antibiotics for 10 days. My only relief was in the water, so I kept on surfing.

After 48 hours, I was feeling horrible. The rash had spread to my eye and ear on one side of my face and to my chest, stomach, arms, and legs. I called again to explain to them that it is spreading all over my body and I didn’t think that the medication is doing anything. They repeated that I needed to be patient and keep taking the antibiotics. Ugh!


The next morning, I woke up and the itch and pain were unbearable, and I knew I had to act immediately! I drove myself to Urgent Care. Now the doctor/owner is there, and he sees me right away. He looks at my face and shakes his head. I literally had an open wound on my face by now. He tells me that I have shingles and it’s one of the worst cases he’s seen. I didn’t know much about shingles, but I felt better knowing that I had the proper diagnosis now. They gave me a shot in the behind and sent me on my way to get the proper meds! They told me to stay out of the water as long as I had an open wound. Bummer!

Once home, I took to Google to find out more about shingles. I did my best not to read all the negative information, but I read that it normally takes 3 – 5 weeks for it to go away. I also found a section on self-care for shingles. Intrigued, I read on to learn that meditation and hypnosis could be useful for the pain and itching management. Well, I meditate daily anyway, but this time I added some extra visioning! And because I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist, I conducted a powerful self-hypnosis session.

(When I started writing this Blog, I had to look at my website. Oh my gosh, I haven’t written a Blog since I became a Certified Hypnotherapist through MindValley. I guess I’ve been busy…it took months of training and I’ve been helping others but now I need it to help me, myself, and I.)

Self-Hypnosis Works

I led myself into a deep trance and asked my subconscious if there was a way that my body could not respond so dramatically to this virus. I even said, ‘Pretty Please’. The answer was “Yes”. I continued this discussion with my subconsious for awhile and when I finished, I felt better. Within a couple of hours, I felt a lot better and energized. I hiked up Black Mountain here in Morro Bay for about an hour. During the hike, I called my sister because I wanted to tell her what happened, but I also wanted to brainstorm with her in all the many ways that I felt it was a blessing and divine timing. Then, I decided to treat myself to a delicious vege rice bowl for lunch.

The next day it was a gorgeous day on the Central Coast and I felt even better. I decided to go for a two-hour hike along the ocean bluffs and another favorite treat for lunch was on tap.  By late afternoon, the rash was already drying up and it felt like a miracle.

Back in the Water

The following day, I had no more open wounds so off I went surfing first thing in the morning. Later in the day, I even put some makeup on. I was starting to feel like myself again.

Today, I surfed again. I went live on Facebook with the camera ON for the first time in a week.

So, in less than four days (not weeks), I am well. I feel completely healed! As an energy healer and hypnotherapist, I know that I had a part in the healing. I also recognize that western medicine played its role too.


I wanted to share this story for three reasons.

One, I want to remind you that it’s ok to question western medicine when your body and your intuition is telling you that something is not working.

Two, hypnotherapy works! It’s simply having guided, intuitive communication with your subconscious mind, which knows everything.

Three, having a positive mindset is the key.  When my rash was so bad that I couldn’t wear regular clothing, I put on my bathing suit and a sundress and told myself that I was going to pretend I was on vacation. Afterall, two of my favorite parts of vacation are wearing a sundress and NOT wearing makeup. I sat in the sun, surfed, and hiked!

Hypnotherapy and YOU!

I’m so excited about my hypnotherapy and energy sessions and how powerful they are. If you’d lke to learn more, please schedule a Healing Journey Consultation with me here

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