Allow Life to Happen – 129 Day Journal Challenge

Why did I create a journal? It seemed like the next logical step. I finished writing my book Allow Life to Happen and receive everything you desire! last June and I had a few months where we were finalizing the editing, formatting, and creating the cover. Most of those details were out of my hands, so I had time, and I was still in the creative mode.

I knew that the reader of my book would want to have a special journal to write in as they went through the exercises and journal reflections. I was inspired to create the perfect journal to accompany my book. The result was Allow Life to Happen – the 129 Day Journal.

Journal Description

This journal is designed to take one through a transformation in 129 days. It’s best used alongside my book; however, it can be used as a standalone. This journal is very intentional. Page 1 starts with an affirmation and Page 2 has a quote. This pattern of affirmation/quote continues for 129 days. For the best transformational outcome, I suggest that the affirmations are written with your non-dominant hand slowly and methodically. Then the affirmation is repeated throughout the day. For each page with a quote, it should be read carefully to discover the message that it has for you. Then, you should write about how the quote relates to your thoughts, and beliefs. It’s important to notice how our existing thoughts and beliefs change as we change. If someone wants to have different results in their life, then they must change.

High Energy Manifestor

If you’ve always wanted to begin a daily journaling practice but you weren’t sure how to get started, then join me for the very first 129 Day Journal Challenge. This Challenge is starting April 25th and goes through August 31st. The Challenge is taking place in my Facebook Group ~ High Energy Manifestor. There is no cost to join. Go to

There are a couple of ways to participate. One, you can follow along with me as I share the affirmations or quotes daily in the group, and you can use your own journal to write in. Or you can purchase your own copy of the 129 Day Journal on Amazon and be inspired to write on the colorful pages. This option is of course my favorite! An additional option is to get the Kindle version of the journal content for $1.99.

Why should I journal?

You might still be wondering “Why should I journal every day?” I believe that there are 3 very important reasons to journal daily.

One, it tracks what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing in your life. I’ve been able to look back at my journals and connect the dots to explain how I made it from A to Z. It also is great for documentation. For example, I was able to go back in my journal and find the day, October 27th, 2020. On this day, I woke up hearing the words “Allow Life to Happen”. Later that morning while I was meditating, I received a message that “Allow Life to Happen’ was going to be the title of a book I was going to write. At the time I had no intention of writing a book, but it was documented in my journal.

Expectation is Key!

The second reason I believe it’s important to journal is to intentionally start your day with positive expectations. I only write about what I want to happen. For example, “Today is going to be a great day. I have an amazing life and am filled with so much joy and happiness. I will not be stressed, worried, or overwhelmed. I am peaceful and calm knowing that I can never get it all done and that’s ok.”

Every morning is the beginning of a new day, and you get to decide how you are going to embrace it. It’s your choice! Not only are you creating this positive expectation for your day, but you are also creating a positive state in your body. And, especially after meditating, it is very powerful.

 More Joy!

The third reason that I believe journaling is important is that it can bring you more joy in your life. One of the things that I teach is to always be looking for things that bring you joy. It might be the hummingbird dancing outside the window, or a conversation with a loved one, or a delicious meal. And every day I write these things down in my journal. The more things that you observe that bring you joy, the Law of Attraction will bring you more things that bring you joy. It’s that easy! It’s a continuous expansion and more joy and bliss and appreciation will flow to you.

Join me in the Challenge?

Have I done a good enough sales job yet? Will you join me in this 129 Day Journal Challenge? It’s going to cost you some time and perhaps some money if you get the journal on Amazon, but what you will receive is priceless. You’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible in 129 days. Won’t you join me???

You can find the  journal on Amazon:

With love, light and lots of joy,

Beth McGill


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