“Before I had a session with Beth, I was feeling  overwhelmed, scared, and anxious about every little thing. I could’ve been driving my car, talking to a friend, going to an appointment, I was in a heightened sense of being on alert, like I thought the worst was going to happen all the time. I felt like I was on a spiral of fear, so I reached out to Beth.

“She guided me through a hypnotherapy session over Zoom for about 45 minutes. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I saw! I looked years younger, and my eyes were brighter. This was the carefree, confident, refreshed, and happier version of myself that I asked for.

“Days later I’m still feeling fantastic and free from worry. I only wish that I had reached out sooner. I’ve known Beth for a few years now and she always provides a safe space where you feel heard, guided, inspired, and comforted. After this session with her, I feel like I’ve finally given myself permission to take back my power to be ok and to create the life that I want without fear and worry.”

- Emily

“Working with Beth will shift your world. I came to her feeling frustrated with my money blocks and through our session was able to move mountains of energy and get back into the flow. You want a practitioner who walks the walk and that is Beth. She has this innate ability to get you back on track and into a positive mindset, always able to see the glass full. After our session, I was offered a new position and my sales in one of my businesses more than doubled.”

- Jen Narragon

At the beginning of Beth’s program Health, Energy, Alignment & Love (HEAL) I had an idea of a personal shift I was wanting. Through the program Beth personally helped me gain crystal clear clarity as to what that shift was. I am so happy to say that by the end of HEAL I started to embody and sink into that shift and own that energy.

Much Thanks,

- Monica

“I wanted to reach out from Monday’s session to let you know how much value that was and thank you so much for taking the time to support & help me clear all my negative energy and find healing in areas I didn’t even know were bothering me. You’re an amazing soul, and I have been sharing with everyone I have chatted with about the session, and I will continue to do so. I look forward to booking a session after my surgery to continue healing & growing! The past two days, I have come into them with new eyes, and seriously I can’t thank you enough for that!” 

- Andrea

“After one session with Beth, I’ve had a complete breakthrough. As I look back over the last week since our session, I’m amazed at how much more positive I am about everything.

“My goal is to play the piano by practicing consistently daily. I’ve tried 80 times before and I always quit, but not this time. Now, I’m playing everyday without self-judgement and criticism. Music is my life and I’m grateful to finally see my lifelong dreams coming true.” 

- Georgia

“Yesterday, I was blessed to have an energy session with this amazing woman who helped me to release some resistance that has been holding me back. A lot of times we don’t forgive on a conscious level. I realized that I never fully forgave the people who have physically, mentally, and emotionally hurt me in the past. However, it’s not about forgiveness for them – but forgiveness for me so that I can move forward! I will be having another session with this beautiful lady…lifelong dreams coming true.” 

- Julisa

“Beth McGill, creator of Thrive Flourish & Grow, creates profound results. She has a 7th sense where she just knows when I need healing and renewed energy, which produces extraordinary results. I haven’t had this type of experience with anyone else in the spiritual realm, but I know she possesses a power
that has changed my life in ways that have replaced confusion with calm and going from being perplexed to being at peace. After an energy session with Beth, I am amazed at the resulting confidence and clarity that follows.”

- Carol

“You might be interested to hear

  • It’s the 18th and I’ve already crushed my highest revenue month ever by $3.2K!
  • I’m getting more Exec clients!
  • My mom reached out to say she wants to try to have a relationship!
  • Things are still positive with my ex-bf

“Isn’t that wild? Clearing out all the energy seemed to help quickly lol”

- Kate

“I wish to thank you for your endless efforts to teach, nourish, and support my dreams, ideas, and goals to live a life I love.

“Your carefully, thought out, planned course, Live a Life You Love, Now! Has given me not only the tools but the know-how to do just that.

“Life as I knew it is changing and I am open to the reality that I can have the life I love!”

- Carol

“Beth is a natural teacher and speaker with a passion for helping others find their way to a more joyful life and secure identity. She gets to the heart of what makes us sabotage ourselves and what steps we can take to break through harmful mindsets. She is patient and kind and gives time for reflection and self-examination. I highly recommend her workshops!”

- Michele

Beth McGill at her best! She is an amazing mindset teacher/mentor and so inspiring. I’ve learned so much from her over the years and she continues to graciously share all she knows. She provides never-ending support and encouragement before, during and after the process. I think about her nuggets of wisdom throughout my day and am already starting to live a life I love. Thank s Beth!

- Emily

“Beth is an absolute amazing teacher! Thank you for setting me on this journey. The universe sat me down and pointed me straight into Beth McGill and for that I will eternally be grateful, and I will always give Beth credit for all her hard work!”

- Gaby

“I attended a NAWBO luncheon where Beth was the speaker that day, and the topic was goal setting. It was a fun, motivating, and chopped full of bit sized information that really simplified my personal process at making and moving through my personal goals. We participated in some exercises right there and then went home and implemented the material into my life. Simplifying the process has been a wonderful improvement in my life.”

- Monica

“The workshop taught by Beth at our last NAWBO meeting on Goal Setting for 2020 was inspiring, informative, and fun. As an entrepreneur it can be challenging to find time to prioritize and get productive. We were given opportunities to look outside of our own business goals and find what other areas we can focus on like personal, family, fun, health & wellbeing. We had time to ask questions, interact with our peers and gain clarity on how simple it can be to make room and the time to allow ourselves to thrive.”

- Tyler

“I really enjoyed “A Journey to I Am” ~ Beth provided clear insights that made me look at things differently. I hadn’t been at a workshop of this kind before and liked the mix of learning, feedback, interaction and focus time. Beth is compassionate, thoughtful, and knowledgeable and the workshop, as well as the materials provided, were well thought-out. The time I spent with Beth was thought-provoking and grounding and I’d definitely recommend attending one of Beth’s future events.”

- Maria

“I was one of the few who had done a business plan before starting Aloha Chicks. I’m a believer, business plans are a living and breathing companion. They evolve as I and my business grow, change, meet challenges and inspire. Your “Set Your 2020 Goals, Set Yourself Up for Success” was a great (and very timely) check-in as I enter 4th quarter and look to the future. It challenged me to envision and dream further. To feel good about wanting more. To feel inspired to consider ‘what-ifs’.”

- Ke Kai

“Beth’s A Journey to I AM Workshop is a healing experience. It helped me find my center and inner knowing that I am abundant, loved, and worthy.” Namaste!

- Maryann

“Beth is a true teacher. She created a space that was warm and thoughtful as we took a deeper dive into who we are, the time we have already spent on this Earth, and primed us to make the next part of the journey extraordinary.”

- Monica

“Beth is an absolute amazing teacher!! During the 4 week course, I learned so much. Initially, I thought piece of cake! However, I quickly realized that the class was not an ordinary class. Not only did I have “homework, reading, but had to keep a journal.” I realized, I was in for a “journey.”

It was a class, about “me,” for “me,” to help “me,” to guide “me,” to inspire “me,” to challenge “me,” to motivate “me,” to challenge myself in facing my past, present, future fears or struggles. It was all about “ME.”

In this class, Beth brings all her students along for a “ride” and in every students personal journey they individually explore deep down, in themselves. It’s about your mind, your soul, your spirit, your being.

She gives you assignments, yes assignments that are personalized, that are private, where you think, look back and reflect. While it’s not an easy task, if you are willing, to invest in yourself, the rewards are beyond abundant, priceless! This class is only the beginning to a new you. Granted, you must willing to be an active participant and wanting to improve where you are in life. It’s not about age. It’s about personal growth, it’s not just about processing your “feelings,” it’s putting the entire divine process that was created, putting it all into a harmoniously flow where your mind, body, spirit, body and soul are in sync not just with the body itself but also a part of the world/universe.

The assignments are so enriching and enlightening every week, that you will NOT want to miss a class. IF you do, you will be bummed like me–I missed 30 minutes once, and I was so disappointed not so much because I could read the material on my own, but that I missed out on Beth’s guidance, teachings and positivity!

Although Beth taught me the skills I needed, I am now on my own journey. I’ve always believed in changing for the better as we aged, but what I didn’t know was this process is called: “personal growth.” And it’s a journey, every single human should embark. It’s a sad state to humanity, when many ignore the journey of “personal growth,” and accept the normal state of chaos, toxicity, negativity, lack of awareness, and lack of being healthy in body in mind. This is not normal. And once you, “OPEN YOUR EYES,” and “AWAKEN,” you will be forever grateful.

Thank you Beth, for setting me on this journey!! And COVID and my injured knee (torn ACL), yes COVID, made me sit, read, and be quiet in mind- to sit in stillness, thus leading me yoga and meditation. The universe, sat me down, and pointed me straight into Beth McGill and for that, I will eternally be grateful and I will always give Beth credit for all her hard work!


- Gaby