Stop worrying and free your mind, body, and soul!

Worrying is a choice. You can choose to worry or not. Every thought that you have is your choice. There is no one in your head thinking for you.

However, some people believe that it is part of their personality to worry a lot. They think that it is just who they are and there isn’t anything that they can do about it. They always choose to think about and focus on the worst possible outcome.


I should know. As a child, I worried about everything. I can remember my family calling me a ‘worrywart’. I thought that’s who I was. I got a lot better over the years, but one of the biggest worries in your life comes when your adult children move out of your home.  If you’ve experienced it, you know. If you’ve been the child moving out, you understand. It was especially challenging for me because my two sons are not great at picking up the phone and communicating. But this was a turning point for me, and I realized that I must stop worrying about them. I realized it wasn’t serving me and it wasn’t helping my sons either.

My knowledge and understanding of the law of attraction helped me tremendously here because I knew that worry creates anxiety and when you are anxious and give it your attention, the law of attraction gives you more things to worry about. It’s a vicious cycle. A cycle that I want everyone to know that they too can escape.

I know a woman who in her later years and was still very much a ‘worrywart’. She identified her personality with it. She especially worried about her younger daughter who was in her 30s. She worried incessantly about her in every aspect of her life. I tried my best to mentor her, but the habit of worrying was dominant in her life. One day I had an opportunity to speak privately with her daughter. I asked her how she was doing, and I’ll never forget her response. She said, “I’ll never be OK until my mom stops worrying about me!”

Thoughts are Energy!

Thoughts are energy and she could feel her mom’s energy and it was creating anxiety in her. Therefore, she didn’t feel good about anything in her life, and she didn’t feel like she would ever live up to her mom’s expectations. A couple of years ago, however, this woman took one of my courses and the last I heard both mother and daughter were doing a lot better. They were able to see what the dynamics were, and the mom made a conscious decision to worry less. The daughter finally found her freedom and is thriving.

When I made the decision to let worrying go, it not only gave me freedom, but it also allowed me to be ready for my next level of learning. It opened me up to receiving and to becoming an energy healer practitioner. With my growth came even more alignment with my soul. My connection to the Spirit became stronger and it continues to grow, strengthen, and blossom in every moment.

You Can Change Your Thinking

Now if you would like to free yourself of worry then journal your answers to the following questions.

#1 Awareness

  • What am I worried about?
  • Why am I worried?
  • Does it improve the situation to worry about it?
  • How does worrying make me feel?

#2 Access

  • What information do I need to know to stop worrying?
  • Is there a resource I could benefit from?
  • What can I learn about this situation or circumstance?

If worrying doesn’t feel good to you then that is a signal that you’re not in alignment with your soul. Your soul isn’t worried about it. It’s time to let it go. If you can’t control the situation or circumstances, then it’s time to let it go.

How Do I Stop?

How do you let it go, you ask? How do I stop worrying?

It is simple (but not easy). Instead of thinking about the undesired outcome, you need to focus on the desired outcome. Here are some examples.

When your child is late getting home from work, instead of thinking that they got in an accident, you can think that their boss asked them to work overtime.  

When you have an ache or a pain, instead of thinking that it’s a serious disease, think that you could benefit from stretching more or it’s something you ate.

Instead of worrying about being late to work, change your alarm to get up earlier.

Please Share Your Thoughts

What example could you add here? I’d love to see it in the comments so others may benefit from it.

Finally, when you find that you are worrying about something, remind yourself that you deserve to live a worry-free life! You’ve got this.

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