Letting Go of the Scale

Getting Ready

In November of 2020, I completed producing my videos for my online course, Live a Life You Love, Now! This course was designed to take you through a transformative journey including a mindset change from fear to faith. It’s about learning how to live in the present and being in a state of joy regardless of circumstances and situations.
I was feeling pretty good about completing this project. The course takes you through my spiritual journey and the work that I’ve done. Not only am I a teacher, I’m also a lifelong learner and continue to reflect about my own journey.


With this reflection came awareness that I was doing something everyday that didn’t bring me joy. That’s right, every morning I was getting on the scale and weighing myself. No matter what the scale said, I was never happy. I told myself “I need to lose 5 pounds!” Every day, I got on the scale and was bummed out for a few minutes. I was doing this to myself. No one told me to or expected me to. My clothes fit fine. I eat healthy, and I exercise daily.
I was in the habit of making myself miserable because I was telling myself that I should lose weight. When you tell yourself that you should do something, you’re telling yourself that you are wrong. You are telling yourself that you have made a mistake because you haven’t done what you should do.

Getting Off the Hampster Wheel

Getting on the scale was a bad habit, and it was robbing me of joy for a few minutes each morning. As soon as I acknowledged and accepted what I was doing I made a decision to change. I stopped ‘cold turkey’ so to speak. I gave myself the gift of freedom that day by getting rid of my ‘should’. Now I get to be in joy all day!
I didn’t only stop weighing myself, I forgave myself, and I let myself off the hook.


My habit affected only a small amount of time, but it was still a few minutes of my day that I wanted back. The reason that I’m sharing this very personal story with you is to help you have complete freedom too. Let me ask you a few questions.
• Is there anything in your day that is taking your joy?
• Are you letting other people steal your joy?
• Do you have any beliefs or habits that are not serving you?
• What are you telling yourself that you should do?

Awareness & Forgivness

As in my story, it starts with having awareness. How aware are you of your thoughts and feelings? Why do you think the way you do? Where do your beliefs come from?
Forgiveness is also very important. Forgiveness is for you and for you alone! Florence Scovel Shinn in her book, The Game of Life and How to Play It, says that we shouldn’t say, “What’s the matter with you?”. Instead, we should say, “Who’s the matter with you?”. Who do you need to forgive? Maybe it’s even yourself?
I believe that awareness of your thoughts and feelings, letting go of things that are not serving you, and forgiving yourself and others is the foundation of being able to live a life you love. It’s also the foundation of being able to love and accept yourself unconditionally and manifesting everything you desire.

Energy Healing

It takes a lot of energy to hold on to thoughts, beliefs, and habits from the past that are not serving you. Your thoughts that you are thinking right now are creating your future. Where you focus your attention is where you focus your energy. I’m so happy and grateful that I had the awareness to understand that I was stealing my own joy by getting on the scale. Now, I have a positive self-image and know that I am a healthy person. I was able to do this on my own, but I’ve talked to other women that still get on the scale and beat themselves up every day.
If there is any thing that you want to release, or if there is some one that you want to forgive and you need help, please reach out to me. The energy sessions that I provide help you to do all those things. I want you to experience freedom, live your life in joy and love yourself unconditionally.

Please go to my website at www.thriveflourishgrow.com to learn more about my energy healing sessions and set up a call with me.


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