Everything Happens for a Reason

My Heart

After hours of cleaning out the flower bed, weeding, tilling the soil, and planting about 100 bulbs, I couldn’t wait to show the results of my hard work to my husband, Steve. We walked around the back of the trailer, and I asked him, “What do you think?” He said, “It’s a heart!” Right then, from his perspective, I saw it. The flower bed was heart shaped. I hadn’t noticed it before. It all started to make sense – my intuition, my joy, my love of nature, my love for beauty, my knowing that everything happens for a reason was crystal clear.

The Beginning

Steve and I bought the property in the Southern Sequoia National Monument about 18 years ago.  It was one of the original logging cabins built in the 40’s to feed and house the loggers. It was a cute 2 story log cabin that we loved a LOT. We spent time there on the weekends as it was only a few hours away from home. It was a perfect get away from the news, TV, and the internet.

We loved all seasons there, but the snow was the best. We even learned how-to cross-country ski for fun. Steve loved attaching the snowplow to his quad and clearing the snow or pushing the snow blower around. New Years Eve was the best. We’d put our bottle of bubbly in the snow to be chilled just right for our toast later.

The End

A little over 2 years ago on September 14th, 2020, we learned that our beloved cabin burned to the ground in a wildfire that decimated our community. When we received confirmation that our cabin was gone, I had a moment. The emotion overwhelmed me. The loss and the grief overtook me, and I started to cry. Then I noticed that Steve was being strong. He reminded me that I’m the one that is always saying to be positive.

While I didn’t like being reminded of that in the moment, he was right, and we started to talk about it. No matter how much we were upset, the truth was that the cabin wasn’t coming back. There was nothing that we could do about it. But we could decide to be positive and to look to the future. We started to think about how we would rebuild one day…

Staying Positive

Staying positive the first year after the fire wasn’t easy. We were dealing with the insurance company, the county government and all their paperwork which was endless and confusing.

When the fire was out, we were allowed to visit the property on a specific day to see it for ourselves. Steve went up that day, but I couldn\’t bring myself to go. I had seen pictures of our destroyed property on a government site. I saw the fireplace had fallen in on itself and a few black bricks were the only things that were recognizable. The cabin was gone, the metal garage melted, and the beautiful trees were sticks. The forest was gone.

It took me about 6 months to go visit and see it for myself. Everything was black and the soot got on your clothes and your shoes. Unless you’ve experienced the aftermath of a forest fire you don’t understand what messy is. The soot gets onto everything and everywhere.  It was too emotional.  I had no desire to be there.

We eventually settled with our insurance company and were given money to place a trailer up on the property. Steve continued to go up often but not me. It made me sad to see the devastation of not only our cabin, but the entire community and the destruction of the trees. The Giant Redwoods were destroyed. The animals and birds were gone. It was unnaturally silent. So, I decided to stay positive from home.

Last Year

In the last year I went up a few times to the mountains, but it still wasn’t the same. The forest was still closed to hikers and there wasn’t much to do. I enjoyed the nights around the fire pit because I could enjoy the night sky and the stars without seeing the charred trees. I didn’t have the ability to block them out in the light of the day. They looked like match sticks popping out of a scorched land. Nope,not for me.

Was I feeling sorry for the forest or for myself?

Last weekend it all changed for me.

Following my Intuition

A couple of weeks ago I felt inspired to buy bulbs for the mountains. I went to the local hardware store and bought a few packages of flower bulbs. They were all bright colors, and I knew that they would be beautiful in the spring.  I needed to get them in the ground soon, so I went up last weekend.


On my drive to the mountains, I listen to YouTube videos. I saw that one of my favorite Podcast shows, The Reality Revolution, was interviewing someone new. The last time this happened, Brian Scott, the host, was interviewing a woman who spoke to trees. When I saw a name that I didn’t know, I thought to myself, this will be fun. This woman was interesting. The Podcast was called Tina Michelle Briggs On the Secret Power of Crystals.

Interestingly, even though I am an Energy Healer Practitioner, I don’t know much about crystals except that they are very popular right now. As I listened, I learned a lot about crystals and their healing power. I very much appreciated the conversation and will follow through with learning more.


The next day before I started preparing the soil for planting, I cleaned around the rocks that made up the flower bed perimeter. I didn’t just clean around the rocks, I cleaned the rocks removing dust and other debris. I thought back to the discussion about crystals and while I know that these are rocks, not crystals, they are a part of nature.

In the Podcast, Tina was discussing how you can clear and activate crystals and it got me thinking. Were these rocks also activated by the fire? What about the soil? What about the forest? My perspective began to switch as I thought how the fire might have helped in some way. By the time I was finished with the planting my energy shifted. Even though I was physically exhausted, I felt energetically lighter, hopeful, and even optimistic.


After I watered the flower bed, I called Steve over. When he pointed out that it was heart shaped, my heart was happy. The flowerbed had been attached to the wood pathway that went to the cabin. There was always a lot of debris, so I had never seen the shape of the actual bed before. But now I had a new perspective!

My new perspective stayed with me the next day. I walked through the forest for an hour taking it all in. It didn’t seem sad anymore. Perhaps it never was. The burned oak trees had new growth at their base, new green plants, ferns, and weeds were growing. Some of the pine trees had green tips now that I thought were dead. I even saw a giant sequoia that appeared to be completely burned through that had green at the top. I saw a lot of birds, butterflies, and squirrels. The leaves on some of the plants seemed to be whispering to me. My joy and love for the forest was back. It just took a different perspective for me to open my heart once again.

Open Your Heart

Is it time for you to open your heart? You see I know that everything happens for a reason, and I know that if you are reading this then there is a good chance that you could benefit from having a new perspective. I’m offering one in my new course, Life Expansion & Transformation! I hold the perspective for you that you are unconditional love and that you are worthy and that you can achieve anything that you desire.

This is going to be a transformational 6 weeks of live classes, exercises, reading and energy work. If you are tired of trying to make things happen, and you want to live a life of ease and flow, then join me.

Life Expansion & Transformation

I will be providing a deep dive into my book, Allow Life to Happen & receive everything you desire! 

The course will be provided on my online platform learning@thriveflourishgrow.com. Here the students will have access to the videos, book (in advance), meditations and course resources. Starting on Thursday October 27th I will host a live Zoom call for 1 1/2 hours weekly for 6 weeks. (We will take a break on Thanksgiving.)

There will be a maximum of 10 students per small group. The students will focus on one area of their life that they want to transform. I will conduct energy work throughout the course for all participants and each participant will also receive an individual energy session with me. Participants can join my weekly session of Thrive at Five where they will be able to ask questions. At the end of the course,we will  schedule a follow up call where we will discuss your transformation and next steps.

October 27th – Becoming Aware

November 3rd – Letting Go

November 10th – Everything is Energy

November 17th – Your Imagination

November 24th – Thanksgiving (off)

December 1st – Taking Control & Believing in Myself

December 8th – Loving Myself Unconditionally

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