My 2020 sounds like a \’bad\’ good ole country song! How about you?

So how was your 2020, really? I cannot wait to hear from you. Now, I realize that I kept to myself this year and  that is going to change.  I kept to myself because there was something that I was called to do…In my experience, the year 2020 sounds like a ‘bad’ good ole country song…. but with a happy ending.

The song goes something like this: \’My head got split open, my daddy done died, my cabin burned to the ground and oh yeah, I got the Corona Virus!\’  What is the happy ending you ask? You will have to read on to find out!

Stitches and Forgiveness

The virus hit, and the market was down over 2000 points on the morning of March 12th.  It was a beautiful sunny morning with light wind, however, so I decided to get out for an early surf session.  I was paddling out for a final wave when a stand-up paddle boarder launched his enormous board into my face right between my eyes. It cut my head to the bone and knocked me off my surfboard. That blow to my head did something to me.  I didn’t see my life flash before my eyes because there wasn’t time. Another surfer helped me to my board and helped me into shore. I drove myself to the Urgent Care and as I waited for the doctor, I realized that I had to do something.  I had to forgive the man that hit me and I  forgave him right then and there!  Done! I was lucky to have my eyes and my nose and my jaw intact.  I ended up with a couple of black eyes and 8 stitches but other than that I was fine and extremely fortunate!

When I got home from the Urgent Care, I realized that I was different.  I was experiencing a surge of energy.  Colors were more vibrant and sound clearer.  I was on a different plane energetically.  I did not know exactly what I was feeling but I acknowledged it and went with it. All year I had been working on a couple of ideas for my teaching, but nothing had solidified. Following this experience, everything came together! I found a perfect mentor and an accountability partner.  Upon discovering the structure that I needed, I was able to put my thoughts and experiences together to create and write my transformational course.

Goodbye Daddy, I Love You

On May 25th, Memorial Day, my father passed away. He had cancer and was on Hospice, but it was still difficult and sad. I was blessed to be able to spend time with him before he passed and for that I am eternally grateful. His death brought me a sense of peace because I knew that he was no longer in pain.  I knew that I had another angel in Heaven watching over my family and me. My father was a fighter, a patriot and hard-working man.  He was always encouraging me, and his death brought with it another surge of energy into my life.  I used the energy to focus on my course and what I needed to bring to the world.

My family and I were able to celebrate my dad’s life on August 22nd. It was a beautiful service and the time with family and friends was special! Many memories were made that day!

The next weekend, I went to our cabin in the Sierra’s. I spent a couple of days hiking, reflecting and appreciating nature.  The forests, the Giant Sequoias’, the creeks and the animals bring me such peace, contentment and joy! I left the cabin on August 28th to return to my home in Morro Bay.  I never in a million years thought that it was going to be the last time that I’d see my cabin. Or, that it was the last time to wear my favorite sweater, or watch my favorite old VCR…

51999 Cedar Drive Destroyed

On September 14th, my precious cabin, an original logging cabin built in the 40’s, burned to the ground.  There was nothing left to recover.  It was all gone. Our entire community, with a couple of exceptions, was gone.  It burned to the ground.  The community was obliterated. It was such a loss and there was so much sorrow.  About 150 cabins were destroyed on our mountain.  We were not alone. The forests were destroyed, and the mountains looked bare.  The trees still standing looked like match sticks!

With all this destruction, my husband, Steve, and I decided that we had to focus on the positive.  We decided to focus on what we could create anew by rebuilding. We helped each other through this rough spot, and I am so grateful to have him by my side!

Everything Happens for a Reason

In the days that followed discovering the fate of our cabin and community, I was producing my videos for my online course.  I was making the videos for Section 3 which is titled “Energy” which I though was ironic.  I knew that my energy level was drained but I was able to increase it enough to get the job done.

The weeks that followed we were extremely busy with insurance paperwork.  At first the insurance company wanted an itemized list of everything in the cabin, garage and shed. It took weeks to get it written and ultimately in a spreadsheet. After we spent weeks working on the list, they decided that one wasn’t necessary after all.

After all this time, I realized that it was almost November and my 60th birthday.  I had hoped to be in Hawaii with my sister, Susan, for my birthday but that wasn’t happening anytime soon.  Around this time after one of my morning meditations, I got the inspiration to color in the dates on my calendar of my accident, my dad’s death, the cabin burning and my upcoming birthday. I colored them in and that was it.  Then, the next day after my morning meditation, I was inspired to add up those dates, and I did.  The 12th, 25th, 14th and the 8th added up to 59 – my current age! Right then I knew!  I knew that everything that happened on those dates happened for a reason.  Everything was supposed to happen.

Baja and the \”Virus\”

I finished up my online course videos in November and Steve and I decided to go to Baja for Thanksgiving.  It had been a year since our last vacation, and I was really looking forward to this.  Steve had work to do on our solar panels among other things at our place and the timing was working out with his jobs.  We drove down on Thanksgiving Day taking two days to get there.  Once we got down to Bahia de Los Angeles it was windy.  It was the kind of wind that makes it difficult to open your car door.  We ended up having 4 beautiful mornings, but the rest of time was windy.  We made the most of it and Steve got his work done and I enjoyed my stand-up paddle board in the Bay.  One morning I was paddling and a pod of dolphins joined me. It was a National Geographic moment. It was time to head home after our week flew by.  We took two days to get home stopping at our favorite hotel in Baja.

Once at home, Steve was exhausted.  He had driven the whole way.  He also started to cough a bit.  The next day I was slammed with getting caught up with calls and emails etc. That afternoon, Steve fell asleep in the afternoon and I could not wake him.  The next morning, I went for a run.  I felt fine but by the end of the day I was sneezing. I have not been sick for over 10 years and Steve and I have never been sick at the same time. We did not feel that bad, but we decided that we should get ‘tested’.  I made the appointment for the next day and sure enough we both tested positive for the virus. Thank goodness we were both feeling much better in a couple of days.

My Country Song! 2020!

This is my 2020! My country song!  I know that everything is always working out for me and I know that everything happened this year for a reason.  I have grown spiritually and have expanded energetically in ways that I could not have imagined.  Besides my full-time career as a financial advisor, I have been able to focus on Thrive, Flourish & Grow in the evenings and weekends.  I\’ve developed, written and produced my first online course, ‘Live A Life You Love, Now!’ I also wrote “Journal Your Way to a Better Day – 100 inspirational writing prompts to encourage new ideas, thoughts, and a burning desire!”

Gratitude and Gifts

My happy ending to 2020 is that I will be giving away my journal prompts by Christmas and offering my course soon after! My mission has always been to inspire others to live a life they love.  This year I have been able to put together my teaching in a way that I know will have a positive impact in the world. I am so grateful for everything that happened in 2020 because I am a better person for it. In January of 2020 I declared that Appreciation was my \’word\’ for 2020.   I\’m so glad that it was.  I practiced each day looking for things to appreciate even when times were difficult.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year





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  1. What a beautiful expose on your year Beth! As I read your life from 2020 I stand in awe of the experiences you’ve had. Losing the cabin, your Dad and while gaining insight and direction along with inspiration and courage is absolutely amazing!

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