Where’s My Perfect Life Partner?

Manifesting is Manifesting

Manifesting is manifesting, but when it comes to attracting your ideal life partner it can be a little bit trickier because it involves another person, but if you stay focused on what you desire than it must be.

Some people get in a vicious cycle of thinking that they’re never going to find the perfect someone to spend the rest of their life with and then they get sad and depressed. Then they focus on not having a partner and they get sadder and more depressed. They simply don’t understand how the law of attraction works. And the way it works is that you get what you think about.

Asking for Help

Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a woman who wanted some guidance. You see everything was going great for her in most areas of her life and she was overall a very positive person. However, she found herself in a downward spiral of wanting to attract and having a life partner and then because she couldn’t attract him, she would get sad and was being hard on herself and wondering why me? “What’s wrong with me?” she found herself saying.  She was aware enough to realize what she was doing and that’s why she reached out to me for guidance and mentoring. 

I explained to her that it was a good thing that she was not attracting her life partner now because since she was sad and happy, she would attract a sad and unhappy person. That’s the way it works. Everything is energy and whatever you put out into the universe is what comes back to you. So, if you are sad and unhappy about not having a life partner, you will attract someone into your life that is sad and unhappy too.

Everything is Energy

She understood when I spelled it out for her exactly what was going on energetically in her life. She was focusing on not having what she wanted, and it was making her miserable. Since we know that the feeling is the secret, I reminded her that she needed to focus on what she wanted. She needed to focus on being a joyful loving person, the kind of person that attracts a joyful loving person into their life.

3 Tips for Attracting Your Perfect Partner

Here are some of my tips for attracting your perfect life partner (and these are the same tips that I shared with her).

#1.  Write down all the positive attributes that you want your life partner to have. Do you want them to be happy, joyful, calm, patient, drama free, athletic? Write down the complete list.

#2.  Reading your list, ask yourself, “Do I have or am I exhibiting all these positive attributes in my life right now? You cannot be miserable and attract a happy partner, it’s not the way it works.  Yes, you might be having to be a little bit vulnerable right now as you look at these characteristics but will be worth it in the end.

#3.  Allow yourself to be in a state of joy, appreciation, and gratitude whether you have a partner or not. From this place of joy, you will attract what you desire.  How do you increase your vibration to be in a place of joy and gratitude and appreciation?  

Increase Your Vibration

* Notice how you are feeling throughout the day.

* Take steps to raise your vibration daily. You can do this in a variety of ways – exercising, dancing, singing, getting out in nature, whatever it is that excites you.

* Write down what brings you joy every day in a journal, don’t skip a day.

* You must learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally.

Additional Things to Remember

1. You create your reality.       

2. No one else’s opinion matters.

3. Become so positive that negative people do not want to be around you.

4. Surrender the how and when to the universe. It’s not your job.

5. Finally, enjoy the journey with hopeful, joyful, expectation.

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