A Gift From Bob Proctor

Do you respond or react to the resistance on your path?

A few years ago, I attended my first Bob Proctor Live event! During the event, Bob gave each one of us a coin. It was thick and heavy. On one side it said, “Respond and you’re in control” and on the other side it said, “React and you lose control”. The coin was to be a reminder and boy was it. I kept that coin in my pocket for at least a year and a half, until it became a habit to respond every time. To respond to a situation means to be in control because you are in faith. Faith knowing that everything is always working out.

I no longer carry the coin with me, but I continue to be very aware of how I am thinking and feeling! I ask myself often, “Am I responding or am I reacting?”  Life gives us plenty of opportunities to ask ourselves that question hour by hour, day by day!

To be able to respond to a situation from a position of faith is a demonstration of power! You and I are powerful creators. The more that you practice responding instead of reacting you will recognize the power within you more and more.

Oh Sh–!

I recently had an awesome opportunity to practice this while on vacation in Baja, Mexico. My husband, Steve, and I were returning from a fun-filled two-week trip in Baja. It’s important to note that we had driven over 20 hours in Baja on this trip, sometimes in very remote and rugged terrain. Actually, most of Baja is remote and rugged!

We spent the last night of our trip at a beautiful hotel a few hours from the border. Early the next morning we took off for the states. After the first couple of miles, we heard a strange sound coming from the truck. We couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from. Was it coming from the back end, the front end?  We didn’t know. We stopped and Steve looked around but couldn’t identify the source. So, we kept driving and the noise got worse. It was getting louder and occurring more often. Steve couldn’t identify the sound which was unusual because he’s super mechanical, and our vehicles are always maintained and looked over before we leave the country.

By now it sounded really bad, like metal-on-metal grinding and every time it made the noise Steve said, “Oh Shit!” which was not comforting at all. We were still hours from the border and didn’t know what to do. In that could’ve been scary moment, I reminded myself to respond!


Respond in faith knowing that everything is going to be ok. I knew that I had access to the power that creates worlds. I took three deep breathes tapping into that power. With each breathe I became more in alignment with source energy. I felt it!

In that moment, I knew that we needed to stop driving.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a mechanics shop – Gonzale Servicios – on the left-hand side of the highway. I told Steve and he turned around and we entered the dirt lot. It was 7:00 am and the mechanic wasn’t going to get there until 8:00 am. We decided to wait!

Most people might think that we manifested a breakdown, but no! It was a breakthrough! We didn’t breakdown in the middle of nowhere at noon when it was 100 degrees! Instead, it was 7:00 am in a small town where there was a very good mechanic. When he took off the part that needed to be replaced it disintegrated onto the ground. It could’ve stopped us in our tracks at any time during our trip. It was a complicated fix requiring a machine shop in the next town, but in five hours we were on our way home!

San Telmo

What did we do for five hours? We started with delicious carne asada breakfast burritos from a tiny booth in the gas station parking lot. Then, we made the most of it and took the Wolverine off the trailer and took off exploring and had a blast. San Telmo happens to be the small town where the turn off to the Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park is. I’ve been reading about this National Park recently and I’ve been wanting to go there. There is an observatory at the Summit and 150,000 acres of pine groves as well as pristine camping and fishing.  Steve and I talked about exploring up there in the Wolverine sometime, but we needed a secure place to leave the truck. Now, we have the perfect place to leave the truck in the future with our new mechanic friend and his gated lot. We manifested this opportunity, and the universe was figuring out the details for us.

We also went for a stroll and talked to a local guy. He directed us to the best place for lunch and we had delicious fish tacos.

Your Power

Your power is in your response. Your power is in your faith that everything is working out for you. Your power is knowing that you have access to source energy. Life is supposed to be fun and exciting. The universe will always surprise and delight you in usual and unusual ways. I always expect the best outcome! Expectation is a powerful tool in the process of manifestation!

I didn’t always understand this. It started with Bob Proctor’s coin but that was only the beginning. I’ve spent years studying and reading and learning how to be in alignment with who I really am. I’ve learned how to LET things happen. I’ve learned how to ALLOW life to happen through me and how to get out of my own way!

I can’t wait to share all my experiences with you in my book, Allow Life to Happen! It’s coming soon including 30 exercises that I walk you through to provide you with the clarity you need to be able to receive everything that you desire! Stay tuned!

In love and light,


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