A Baja Perspective – My Personal Tale

Baja Perspective

In Baja, life is very different than what most of us experience in the states. It’s mellow and relaxed! If something doesn’t get done today, it can get done tomorrow. Everything is always okay. Sometimes towns run out of water, fuel, and/or electricity, and it’s okay. They make do.

Most of the people that I’ve met or simply observed here are content. They are happy with what they have. It’s definitely not an easy life, but it is a simple one.

Baja Fever

It’s a life that I was introduced to in the Spring of 2000. My then boyfriend, and now husband, Steve, brought my kids and I to Baja for the first time. We camped on the beach south of San Felipe.  Steve fished, the kids and I explored, and we loved camping along the Sea of Cortez with no one else around. I had taken my boys camping before but in noisy campgrounds in the states. This was a wonderful new experience for us. I caught Baja fever on that first trip.

I’m thankful that I said, “Yes” to that first trip, and grateful to Steve for talking me into it. You see this was my first trip not only to Baja, but as an adult. I had taken my kids on shorter trips before, but a vacation? For a week? No! At that time my mindset was that I had to work hard! If I wasn’t working hard then I wasn’t doing my job either as a teacher or a single mom. I didn’t even think that I deserved to go on vacation.


I’ve come along way since that lousy mindset! In my book, Allow Life to Happen, I take you through my complete journey and teach you how my mindset went from one of FEAR to one of FEARLESS FAITH! I’m sharing my journey through the book with you because I want you to know how precious each moment is and understand that you can live a life you love NOW! You can life a life of fearless faith, non-resistance, and unconditional love.

Baja\’s Influence

I’m currently in Baja and was wondering how much influence Baja has had in my life. I really didn’t think about it until now. I love looking back for reference and connecting the dots. What if I had said, “No” to taking that first trip? What if I never experienced this beautiful desert and its welcoming people? What if I never experienced the energetic shifts that I feel so strongly here? Thankfully, I’ll never know because I said, “Yes”, and I’ve been coming here ever since.

Yes, Baja has had an influence on me. I get energized here. I’m able to create and focus like no where else. I love writing down here in Baja, so it is fitting that I’m completing my editing of my book here. My final editing process is to read my manuscript out loud. I started yesterday and it was really fun. I can’t wait to get it out to you to read and experience. While I want to get it out soon, I’m following my intuition and guidance to follow the process as it has been given to me.

With love and light,


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