Allowing Life to Happen & Manifesting like Crazy!

Allowing Life to Happen!

I’m writing this Blog to empower, to inspire, and to let you know that you can manifest anything that you desire! In sharing my journey, I want to demonstrate that it can be easy, fun, and exhilarating to create a life you love.

You know that I’m writing a book, right? It’s called, Allow Life to Happen. Everything about writing a book has been a fun adventure! Even though I’ve never written a book and I didn’t plan on writing a book, here I am, following my guidance and intuition.

Everything is Always Working Out For Me!

It’s amazing how when you believe that everything is working out for you that everything works out for you. Writing this book has been no different. It takes blind faith in the creative process and not having ANY concern about the outcome. That’s right – none!

The only outcome that I desire is in the present now. In the present now, I desire to be fulfilled, satisfied, eager, refreshed, renewed, and blessed all at the same time. Now, I feel like I’m living in faith and in love with all humanity!

I love living my life in joy and bliss and that’s why I’m writing this book. It’s my desire to share my journey and all of the resources, exercises, and affirmations with you. If I can transform my life, so can you, if that’s your desire too!

You see I love teaching about manifesting and the law of attraction and how you can use it to your benefit. You must understand not only how it works but how to apply it in your life – business and personal. It’s more than LOA though, it’s about quantum physics and how they work together.

Manifesting Like Crazy!

To get this book closer to being in your hands, I’ve been manifesting like crazy. You can’t make these stories up!

I was referred to an editor a few months ago and I was recently able to find the sticky note that I wrote her name on. I reached out to her, and we set up a Zoom call. She was a no show! Later that same afternoon, I had an introduction call with a Linked In contact whom I had never met. I didn’t know ahead of time what she did for a living. Yep, she’s an editor and we hit it off.  I felt like we were energetically aligned, and I hired her last week. EASY!

One thing that I was instructed to do through a ‘writing’ course that I’m taking is to have 5 guest readers. Guest readers are people that you know and trust to read your book and provide feedback regarding the content. I reached out to a few individuals whom I trusted, and I found 5 readers with in 24 hours. EASY!

Sometimes, the manifestations find you!

It’s been on my heart to find someone to help with my website, SEO, Google, and all my integrations. I knew that the right person was out there, and he/she would be revealed to me at the right time. I didn’t need to look; I knew that the universe had it taken care of.

Again, last week, I scheduled an introductory call with a LinkedIn contact. I didn’t know what her business was, but I saw that the word ‘adventurous’ in her business name, and I liked it! We met on a Zoom call and within minutes were laughing and crying and felt like we had known each other for lifetimes! It turns out that she creates websites and specializes in SEO and customer experience. She fit the bill of everything that I was looking for and more. EFFORTLESS!

In the last two weeks, I’ve been a guest on 4 Podcasts talking about my work and my book! I wasn’t looking for Podcasts, but they were looking for me. They were all spontaneous and fun! The one that stands out the most was one that I did with John. His Podcast, Wisdom from Dad, was great, but it’s what happened after the Podcast that got to me! You see, John worked with Bob Proctor in the past and of course Bob Proctor has been a huge influence in my life and teaching. John told me that he really saw something in me and my energy that he believed is going to take me quickly to having a great impact in the lives of others. His words were so kind and sweet! FUN!

Last week, my friend who is a brilliant graphic designer agreed to work on my book cover. I’ve seen some of her other book covers and they are amazing! EXCITING!

Energy = NRG

There’s more. Last week really delivered CRAZY manifestations. Last Thursday, I had another Zoom call with a LinkedIn Contact, Jeff. Jeff works with speakers and does trainings, so I thought that it would be beneficial to meet with him. As soon as our call was over, Jeff texted me a message saying that I had to meet Mike. Mike reached out and invited me to a networking meeting the next morning. I was available so I attended. This networking group is like no other that I’ve ever seen. It’s based on energy and the Law of Attraction. Of course, I joined! If you want to know more about this group message me and I’ll hook you up!

Convinced yet? Life can be one of magic, miracles, and manifestation! Life can be fun, exciting and manifestations can happen effortlessly.

Want to learn more about manifesting? You can join me in my Facebook Group – High Energy Manifestors – where I go live at least once a week and have a weekly Zoom call! I’d love to see you there!

I want you to know that you can manifest anything that you desire! And it can be fun, easy, and exhilarating!

Wishing you peace and prosperity,





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