Joy and Bliss

What do you really love?

That’s it! I’m changing my mission statement. My mission statement for the last 3 years has been to inspire you to live a life you love. What I’ve discovered is that you or most of you don’t know what you’d really love, or you don’t believe that you can achieve it.

Recently, I was told that my mission statement was too vague, so here it goes! My mission is to inspire you to live your life in joy and bliss! More specific? I hope so! Yes, I believe that you can be in joy and experience pure bliss!

Joy lights me up!

Inspiring you, teaching you, mentoring you to live in joy is what lights me up. It drives me to create courses, write books, teach in our Facebook Group, give workshops to businesses and groups and to provide energetic healing sessions to individuals.

Some of you are skeptical, I know. “How can I live in joy and bliss every day?” I get it and I understand the skepticism; however, I know that you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. I understand that things happen outside of your control; however, you can choose to focus on what you can control. You can control your thoughts and how you feel. You can choose to live in faith, or you can choose to live in fear.

I love teaching you how to take control and to make the decision to live in faith – fearless faith! No, I’m not perfect and neither are you. There are going to be times where you are not feeling joyful. It’s ok, recognize it, appreciate it, and learn from it so you can change your thoughts and your perspective.


You might be asking, “What do I do when I’m not feeling in joy? What do I do if I get angry or I’m feeling stressed out?” The first thing that I’d say is “Congratulations!” Being aware of how you are feeling is a win. You need to be aware of how you are feeling all the time. It’s not hard at all. Check in with yourself throughout the day and ask yourself, “How am I feeling?”

There are going to be times when you are not feeling great. Occasionally, it happens to me too. A couple of days ago, I wasn’t feeling great about a decision I needed to make. I was feeling off. I felt ‘unsettled’. I recognized it – that’s the first step. Then I asked my soul (my connection to God, Spirit, Universe, Infinite Intelligence) how ‘she’ felt about the situation. The answer is always the same, but it’s the action of asking that reminds me what the answer is. The spiritual part of me is always in a state of unconditional love, and the answer is always a feeling of joy. My soul was feeling joy with regards to the situation, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t in alignment with my soul at that moment.

A change of perspective!

So, I needed to take a different perspective to this situation. How can I look at this differently? Can I think about something else for a while? Do I need to act now? Can I revisit this later? What am I inspired to do? Do I need additional information?

Yes, that last question was the one that I needed to ask! I needed more information to make this very important decision. Suddenly, I felt inspired to act, and I did. Soon, I felt better, and I affirmed that everything was working out for me. And it did!

Next time you aren’t feeling in joy, ask yourself a series of questions like I did, and the answer will be revealed to you!

Profound gratitude!

Once, you’ve picked yourself back up and you’re feeling better, focus on keep feeling better! How do you do that? By being in a profound state of gratitude!

How many times a day are you in a profound state of gratitude? To be clear, I’m NOT asking you if you have a gratitude journal. To me, writing down what you are grateful for everyday is beneficial, but it isn’t enough. You must really FEEL it!

I’m in a profound state of gratitude:

  • Upon waking each day
  • During meditation
  • In prayer
  • When exercising
  • During energy sessions
  • Every time I’m connected to source energy!

More \’being\’ please!

If you want to feel better more often then set aside time during your day to be in love with life, feeling a profound sense of gratitude, and simply be! I give you permission to stop ‘doing’ things all day and start ‘being’. Being the person that you are meant to be and be in joy and bliss!

If you want to find out more about living in joy, please join me in my Facebook Group High Energy Manifestor or go to to schedule a chat with me.

Allow Life to Happen

Please look out for my book, Allow Life to Happen, coming out soon! It is complete with 30 exercises to guide you through a complete transformation. And if you want to be personally guided by me, then be on the lookout for the course as well. More announcements are coming soon!

In love and light,


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