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Central Coast Summer

It’s a foggy day on the Central Coast of California and I love it! Some people call the fog ‘June Gloom’! It’s not gloomy to me at all! I’ve always loved the fog since I was a child. It reminds me of a fun summer day at the beach. It also reminds me of mystery and intrigue, and I’m a fan of that too!

As I sit here and look out my office window, I see whisps of fog that appear and suddenly disappear.  The fog reminds me of the unknown, unseen mysterious forces that are at work in the universe, like energy! We know that energy is there, and being used, but we cannot see it, smell it or touch it.

Secrets of the Universe

Tesla said that “in order to understand the secrets of the universe, we should study energy, vibration, and frequency.

For the last few years, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing ~ studying energy! I studied the law of attraction and quantum physics and have come to an understanding of these laws that changed my life forever. It’s not enough to understand how they work, but you must understand how to apply them in your life for your benefit.

That’s what I love teaching you ~ how to apply these laws of the universe in your life so that you can enjoy a life of joy and pure bliss!

Energy Healing Sessions

In addition to my teaching, I provide individual energy healing sessions! These energy sessions provide healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Results regularly include increased confidence, clarity, renewed energy, feelings of peace and a sense of calm.

When I tell people that I provide energy healing sessions they often ask, “Is it Reiki?” To which I respond, “No! It’s not!”  I choose not to label it. I’m not a fan of labels. It’s like Reiki in the sense that both are tapping into the universal life force ~ God, Spirit, Universe, Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence.

In my sessions, I’m able to tap into my connection to Source easily and to the client’s connection to Source easily. It’s a beautiful meeting ~ like having a conversation with your soul! Depending on what the issue is, I clear relationships, release negative energy, activate positive expressions, apply healing treatments, and clear and rebalance chakras for a start. Additional healing can be done in future appointments.

The energy healing session is a beautiful life giving and empowering experience!  Teaching and demonstrating to others that we are energetic beings and that this Source is within us is very fulfilling.

Expansion of my Soul

It brings me joy to know that I’m a spiritual being having a physical experience and that I’m here to create a thrilling expansion of my soul. I’m here to experience new things and meet new people and I believe that you are too!

Are you living in fearless faith? I am because I know that there is nothing to fear! Do you have resistance on your path? I don’t because I understand that I create my own reality and there is no insertion into my life ~ only attraction based on my vibration.

Finally, are you living a life experiencing only unconditional love for all things and all people, including yourself? It starts with you! Do you love and accept yourself unconditionally? I find that many of us need to start here.

I love and accept myself unconditionally!

Try this exercise from Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life. As you go throughout your day, anytime that you have a negative thought about yourself, say to yourself, ‘I love and accept myself unconditionally.’

Do you look in the mirror and criticize your looks? Affirm ‘I love and accept myself unconditionally.’

Are you hard on yourself at work because you’re not getting it all done? Affirm ‘I love and accept myself unconditionally.’

Do you feel guilty because you went out for fast food instead of making a healthy meal? Affirm ‘I love and accept myself unconditionally.’ You get the idea!

When you accept this challenge and complete the exercise, you may find that you say the affirmation 100 times the first day. Don’t be hard on yourself. Love yourself! You are becoming more aware and learning to be less critical of yourself. Each day you will see that you are saying the affirmation less and less.

Allow Life to Happen

This exercise and 29 others are included in my book, Allow Life to Happen. I’m so excited to bring  these exercises to you so that you can start your transformational journey too.. The book is coming soon and will be announced here first. I’m also going to be announcing a brand-new course where I will take you personally through the book and exercises!

In the course, I’ll guide through a variety of meditations meant to demonstrate to you how powerful you are! Diving into the energetic world of healing is exciting and I can’t wait. You can’t see energy, but it is there waiting for you to harness its power. It doesn’t have to be mysterious anymore! Let me be your guide.

If you’d like to learn more about the energy healing sessions and see if you are a good fit for one, then please schedule a call with me here:

I hope that you love the affirmation and I’d love to hear how the exercise goes for you. Please comment how many times a day you are saying the affirmation. It keeps going down each day, I promise!

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