It was October 11, 2012 at 9:00 PM and I held my mom’s hands as she took her final breath on this planet.  My entire world was turned upside down and inside out. My mom was gone. My body felt numb. She had been my rock, my best friend and my everything!  When something good happened to me, I called her.  When something bad happened, I called her.  I suddenly felt alone in a way that I couldn’t express in words.  Then, later that night as I lay in bed in the hotel room I cried, not sobbing, just tears streaming down my face. I finally relaxed and lying on my back, I felt my mom’s spirit press down on the blanket around my shoulders, like she was tucking me in for the last time.  The bed moved downward enough for me to realize that this was real.  It wasn’t a dream.

Immediately, I started out on a personal journey. Was it a mental journey or a spiritual journey? I had no clue but I knew that my life needed something.

I started to question everything! I started to be aware of anything!

In a few short months, the timing was right, and I invested in a one day retreat in Santa Barbara with a coach that I had listened to on the local radio and then met at a workshop..

It was January 12th, 2013.

Coach Bill took us on a nice hike up into the Santa Barbara hills.  It was a lovely day and the weather was perfect. When we got to our first location he had us sit in a circle. He led us through an exercise that had us evaluate our lives by each decade of our life.  What was that decade like?  What was going on?  Who were you with?  How did you feel? At the end of the exercise he had us evaluate the time line of our life. Before I knew it, the tears were streaming down my face and I realized that I lots of regrets and many hurt feelings and I cried some more.  I was 52 years old!  Where had my life gone?

Then, Coach Bill took us down to the stunning Santa Barbara cemetery located right on the coast.  With our backs to the ocean and looking at all of the tombstones, I realized that they all have one thing in common – two dates and a dash in between them. That’s it – two dates and a dash!

Coach Bill reminded us that a cemetery is a field of forgotten dreams and is filled with regrets of not living one’s dreams. All of those thousands of lost dreams…

Then he said, “You are living your “dash” right now! “What are YOU going to do between now and dead?”

I felt it in my gut this time.  I felt like I had been punched in the stomach by a prize fighter. The tears weren’t coming this time, however.  Instead, there was a surge of energy in my body and I knew, I knew that my life was meant for something more!  It was almost a feeling of pure panic like I couldn’t breathe!  I was already 52 and I felt like I needed to start LIVING MY LIFE!

I knew from that moment on that I was a different person. You see, there is NO WAY that I’m going to die without fulfilling MY life’s purpose!

Can you relate?  Have you ever had a time in your life where you wondered, “Where have the years gone?” Or, are you thinking “Is this all there is?”

So, I’ll ask you the same question that Bill asked me that day in January.

“What are you going to do before now and dead?”

Over the last seven years I have been on my personal development journey.  I have studied, read books, attended seminars, workshops and I have learned so much.  I continue to study everyday and the more that I learn the more that I want to I teach so that I can help others. Last year, I created my business Thrive Flourish & Grow!

My mission is to inspire you to live a life you love! 

I help people just like you to…

  • dream again and feel good about wanting more
  • gain clarity about and create the life that you would love
  • find your center and know that you are abundant, loved and worthy
  • break through paradigms that hold you back from what you deserve
  • learn how your thoughts and feelings create your results
  • balance physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual goals
  • be inspired to move forward with what you really want
  • be excited and confident about who you really are

Are you committed to living a life you love?  I have a new course starting May 17th and I would love to save a spot for you. Click the link below to schedule a call with me so you can tell me more about the results you would like to achieve.  I am here for you!  https://thriveflourishgrow.biz/2WcurX1



    1. Thank you Katie for your comment! My son’s are my “why” as well. I understand the depth of a mother’s love. If you want to chat about your business of if I can help in any way please let me know. #wearebettertogether

  1. Deborah E Howe

    Beth I so relate to your experience with the death of your mother. It rocked my world when my mother died. Thank you for sharing such a personal moment.

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