Live a Life You Love, Now

Live a Life You Love, Now! Is coming soon!

Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words and many congratulations for completing the writing of my online course, Live a Life You Love, Now!  I started my business, Thrive, Flourish & Grow because of a strong calling to help others feel more joy and love in their lives.

Transformation, please!

It took over a year to create, write and develop my course.  My purpose is that the course has a deep impact in other’s lives. By teaching that you can be, do or have anything that you  want. I know this to be true as I’ve witnessed transformations in my students as they complete the course.

Course Milestones!

In my last BLOG I mentioned that I would share with you the student milestones and here they are:

  • Milestone #1 – I take responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings, actions and results!
  • Milestone #2 – I have identified my paradigms that are holding me back and let them go!
  • Milestone #3 – I understand the Laws of Vibration and Attraction and how they work in my life!
  • Milestone #4 – I value my imagination and have written and recorded my life script!

To move students through these Milestones I focus on topics of awareness, releasing the past, forgiveness, gratitude, self-love, self-worth, desire, faith, belief, vision and manifestation.

I love Teaching!

With over 25 years of teaching experience I am able to bring together a variety of resources and activities to provide a positive learning experience for all students and learning modalities.

One of the first homework exercises in the course is something that you can start doing today.  I promise that it will elevate your attitude. It is simple yet effective!

Joyful Days!

While being very aware of your thoughts and feelings, ask yourself, “What is bringing me joy?” throughout the day.

  • Is it the silly bird in the backyard that looks like it is dancing? Yes!
  • Is it the phone call from a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while? Yes!
  • Is it the beautiful rose that blossomed in your yard today? Yes!
  • Is it that delicious tasting meal that you had for dinner? Yes!

You get the idea. Look for things that bring you joy and more things will bring you joy.  Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Are you thinking that this sounds like too much ‘work’ or that you don’t have the time.


Let me ask you this – What are you willing to commit to?  Would you commit to 30 – 60 minutes per day for 1 month:

  • To transform your life.
  • To manifest anything, you want.
  • To become who you have always wanted to become.
  • To wake up eager and joyful every day.

In my next BLOG I will provide you with all of the details for my next course that I’m offering live.  It starts soon!

Please keep the comments coming. I love hearing from you!

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