I really enjoyed “A Journey to I am” – Beth provided clear insights that made me look at things differently. I hadn’t been at a workshop of this kind before and liked the mix of learning, feedback, interaction and focus time. Beth is compassionate, thoughtful and knowledgeable and the workshop, as well as the materials provided, were well thought-out. The time I spent with Beth was thought-provoking and grounding and I’d definitely recommend attending one of Beth’s future events. 


Beth is a natural teacher and speaker with a passion for helping others find their way to a more joyful life and secure identity. She gets to the heart of what makes us sabotage ourselves and what steps we can take to break through harmful mindsets. She is patient and kind and gives time for reflection and self-examination. I highly recommend her workshops!


The workshop taught by Beth at our last NAWBO meeting on Goal setting for 2020 was inspiring, informative, and fun. As an entrepreneur it can be challenging to find time to prioritize, and get productive. We were given opportunities to look outside of our own business goals and find what other areas we can focus on like personal, family, fun, health & wellbeing. We had time to ask questions, interact with our peers and gain clarity on how simple it can be to make the room and the time to allow ourselves to thrive. 


Beth’s A Journey to I AM Workshop, is a healing experience. It helped me find my center and inner knowing that I am abundant, loved and worthy.



I attended a NAWBO luncheon where Beth was the speaker that day, and the topic was goal setting. It was a fun, motivating, and chopped full of bit sized information that really simplified my personal process at making, and moving through my personal goals. We participated in some exercises right there, and then went home and implemented the material into my life.  Simplifying the process has been a wonderful improvement in my life.


I was one of the few who had done a business plan before starting Aloha Chicks.  I’m a believer, business plans are a living and breathing companion.  They evolve as I and my business grow, change, meet challenges and inspire.  Your “Set Your 2020 Goals, Set Yourself Up For Success”, was a great (and very timely) check-in as I enter 4th quarter and look to the future.  It challenged me to envision and dream further.  To feel good about wanting more.  To feel inspired to consider “what ifs”.
Ke Kai

I had the privilege of attending Beth’s I Am workshop, and it was a remarkable evening. Beth is a true teacher. She created a space that was warm, and thoughtful as we took a deeper dive into who we are, the time we have already spent on this Earth, and primed us to make the next part of the journey extraordinary.

Monica Z